As a public service, the Willick Law Group has agreed to post a variety of forms, announcements, procedures, practice aids, etc., as discussed or agreed to by the Clark County Family Court Bench/Bar Committee, so that local practitioners can easily find and use them.  Additions or improvements to the information posted is welcome; attorneys wishing to do so should contact Marshal Willick, [email protected].

20th Anniversary of Family Court Celebration and Event Schedule

20th Anniversary Agenda

20th Anniversary Weekly Schedule

EDCR 5 Re-write; Final Committee Draft (ver. Aug. 1, 2014)

Motion Filing Timeline — new schedule (EDCR 5.502)

Report to Judges of Bar feedback on proposed EDCR 5 re-write (9/1/2014)

Motion Filing Timeline (comparison with proposed extension of filing deadlines)

Revised Financial Disclosure Forms (FINAL ver. 8-1-2014)

General FDF (ver. 8-1-2014) Word

General FDF (ver. 8-1-2014) PDF

Detailed FDF (ver. 8-1-2014) Excel

Attorney’s Lien Forms (Courtesy of Standish Naimi firm)

Motion to Adjudicate (Word)

Motion to Adjudicate (PDF)

Notice of Lien (Word)

Notice of Lien (PDF)

Courtroom Reassignments (from 12/19/13 Bench/Bar Meeting)

Courtoom Numbering Chart

Outsource Providers List (12/19/2013)

Victor Schulze memo re: A.G. Enforcement of Custody Orders (for 6/27/13 Bench/Bar Meeting)

Letter of May 28, 2013

Proposed Revisions to EDCRs and Comments Regarding Them

Proposed EDCR 5 Changes

Comments to Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed Revisions to General Financial Disclosure Form (May, 2013)



Timelines Under NRCP 16.2 & 16.205

General FDF Timeline

Detailed FDF Timeline

Paternity/Custody Timeline

Revised Financial Disclosure Forms (edited through 5/6/2013)

General FDF (ver. 5/6/13)

Detailed FDF (ver. 5/6/13)

Outsourced Provider List from FMC (updated 9/16/2013)

Outsourced Provider List

“Standard Holiday Schedules” for All Departments (Nov. 15, 2012 meeting)

Amendments to 16.2, new 16.205, and Revised Financial Disclosure Form (October 4, 2012 meeting)

Proposed Changes to the Model Parenting Coordinator Order (July 12, 2012 meeting)

Proposed Topic Questions for Bench/Bar on outsourced providers

Recap of modifications to Parenting Coordinator appointment order model

Order for Appointment of Parenting Coordinator (revised model)

Outsource Service Providers (Eighth Judicial District Court List 01/26/2012)

Clerk’s Rejection Rationales

Model Standards for Outsourced Evals

“Direct Submission of Order” Model Cover Letters

SAMPLE Judge: direct submission hearing order – no response

SAMPLE Judge: direct submission hearing order – competing orders

Courtroom Assignments 8/1/11

Affidavit “Short Form” Acceptable for All Filings (Except Contempt Motions) as of March, 2011

Motions (other than for contempt), oppositions or other papers requiring an affidavit in support thereof may be verified by incorporation of all factual averments by reference in substantially the following form:

I have read the foregoing _________, and the factual averments contained therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, except as to those matters based on information and belief, and as to those matters, I believe them to be true.  Those factual averments contained in the preceding are incorporated herein as if set forth in full.